About Us

We exist to introduce the importance of the Japanese language, particularly in PAKISTAN and generally in UAE, QATAR, SAUDI ARABIA, BAHARAIN and EGYPT, to promote the Japanese Language, the culture and bilateral relations between Pakistan & Japan.

Our Story

ICHIBAN NIHONGO was established in Pakistan in September 2013, on the first visit of Mr. Fumitsugu Otsuki the General Director of Kake Gakuen Okayama Japan, since its inception ICHIBAN NIHONGO is contributing in the promotion of Japanese language country wide. We are committed to provide the quality teaching that will help you to achieve your goals, you will receive the first class learning experience by our expert teachers, our team includes native teachers too and every class and every lesson will be lively, interesting, and interactive. We provide you a comfortable environment in learning Japanese with ease.


You are at the beginning of one of the most exciting journeys of your life.

FINALLY, your decision to study in JAPAN can change your life forever.

Do you want to Live and Study in Japan?

Study in Japan!

So much more than learning a new language.


Some questions you might have in your mind.

How much is the school/university fee for Japanese language in Japan?

It varies starting from 650000JPY to 800000JPY per year.

When is the admission time for new students?

The semester starts in mainly April and September for universities, some schools offer July and October intakes too.  

How long is my Japanese language course in Japan?

There are basically 12, 18, and 24 months Japanese language courses in Japan.

I can't speak Japanese at all, can I study there?

No, we recommend learning the basics first in your country so that adaptation is easier.

Are there school age restrictions in Japan?

In general, ages 17-30 years, please contact us for details

I have worked in Japan, I am a former kenshūsei (trainee). Can I register?

Sorry, but we can’t help registering kenshūsei, because of the strict Japanese immigration visa procedure.

After language school, I want to go to college, how?

Need JLPT N3 or above level. 

Is there a lecture program in English?

Some universities, though not many, offer lecture programs in English, but  we recommend that while waiting for college to start, enter the  language school or  University  (one year, 18 months or 24 months) ), because it’s difficult to live and socialize in Japan if you don’t speak at all

After language school, I want to work in Japan, can I?

Yes, Those who have completed bachelor’s degree or vocational college Diploma in Japan are entitled for full time job visa.

Can I get a scholarship?

For scholarships, you can check info about the Monbukugakusho Scholarship (annual) from the Japanese embassy.

Is it true that the cost of living in Tokyo is the most expensive?

The cost of living in Tokyo is indeed the highest among other Japanese cities. 

Can I do a part-time job (ARBAITOU)?

Yes, schools and universities will help find part-time work, after students are accustomed to living in Japan & can speak a little Japanese, hourly salaries are 850 to 1200 Yen per hour, Weekly max 28 working hours,  Enough to cover living expenses.